Monday, October 16, 2006

NY-29th: Interesting segment from The News Hour

Here's something that ran a few weeks ago on PBS concerning the Mass/Kuhl race. It's a good piece. Both candidates come across well.

However, about 9 minutes in, they discuss a whisper campaign attacking Massa for only making rank of Commander after being in the service for 24 years. They even manage to a get one attendee of the Cheney fundraiser to comment candidly on it. It's worth watching for that.

See Massa took a medical leave at one point and would have likely achieved a higher rank if it wasn't for that. Instead, he had a higher priority: he was beating a terminal diagnosis of cancer.

Eric Massa for Congress

Shotgun Randy becomes Crazy Kuhl

Okay. I've been thinking of coming out of retirement given the current election, but this little clip kind of pushed into the light again.

While going for the drama can sometimes give you a little political gravitas, this kind of "scare the crap out of the voter" tactic is just old. After Kuhl finishes his little "Going to kill all of you!" he gives a little dirty look to someone in the front row. Someone, I can only speculate, is just as tired of this crap as I am.

New York 29th needs an independent voice in Washington. That's why I support Eric Massa.