Friday, June 10, 2005

Here goes nothing...

While I've long been tempted by the siren song of digital journals, I've resisted it based upon the fear of just adding my voice to the cacophony of pointless weblogs out there in cyberspace.

After much deliberation and consideration of my interests, as well as the realization I've been big on ideas and short on action, I've decided a blog is actually the least I could do. So here we are.

My intent is to examine, discuss, and highlight the political and economic news and situations of Greater Rochester, and in some cases, the Finger Lakes Region. Things will get political, rants will be written, and feelings may quite possibly be hurt. These are the risks we must be willing to take here at The Greater Rochester Weblog or, if we may add a new acronym to our lexicon, The GRW. However, I hope we can debate the issues without devolving into some kind of partisan crap-fight. Those are never pretty and they rarely do a bit of good, unless your initial intent is to use an issue to posture and score political brownie points. I'll try to clearly mark my attempts at that so that there is due warning of incoming crap.

If one is familiar with Rochester, then you know that there is a variety of issues that we all face everyday. The city schools, medicare, Renaissance Square, Kodak job cuts, the Fast Ferry, Finger Lakes wine country, crime, budget crises, and Paetec Park are just a few of the myriad topics available to us. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

So now, on to the hard part: content....


Anonymous said...

What is Renaissance Square or Praetec Park?