Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What is up with all the good news?

From a local perspective, I'm pleasantly surprised by the on-going barrage of hopeful business news regarding the region.

All these things, by themselves, seem small. They are. They're all merely footsteps in a long race, but they add up when you look at them in their entirety. Sometimes you hear so much from the crowds of people that love to point out that the area is in decline, that when you see information that indicates the opposite is true, you don't quite believe what you're seeing!

Well, the reports of Rochester's death have been greatly exaggerated.

And the negative attitude of these people stop at nothing to drown out the results of the hardwork of area leaders. This week, expect to read endless Letters to the Editor on how the relaunch of the Fast Ferry is already a disaster. Why do some people crave some schadenfreude at the expense of their hometown? What is the point? These people think the extent of government investment in the community should begin and end with filling in potholes. If they wanted to do something about it, they could always form a club of "Surly Rochesterians" and volunteer to help out. They could even get a little sign with their name on it.

I went off a little there, but I think you still get my initial point.

Something good is starting to happen here.


Julia said...

Being negative about the place you live in seems to be a common affliction among Western and Central New Yorkers. Getting people who have negativity engrained to start being positive about the region is going to be hard, but not impossible. The more people that are positive, like in your post, the better. However, it needs to be realistic positivity. Give props where due, but don't overlook that which needs to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

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