Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Democracy for America

I'm back from a weekend away. Let's get into it.

I want to say a few things concerning my blog-post about the Monroe Democratic Party and Rochester's progressive organizations. First, I'm glad one of my posts elicited such a strong reaction as it did for the members of Rochester's chapter of Democracy for America. I wouldn't be honest unless I said I'm glad this page got so many sets of eyes across it. However, I want to point out that my goal wasn't to impugn DFA. I've had a link to the Rochester DFA site up since this blog's inception. I was reacting to the City Paper article and specifically a quote from a Democratic Party "insider". I can see from the strong reaction I got from the DFA, that the point alleged in the article wasn't exactly accurate. I'm glad they pointed that out and I hope they follow up and contact the City Paper and ask for an opportunity to respond to the article. I also hope that the members of DFA continue to check out this blog and comment on things. What I want to know is, where is their blog?

Secondly, there is a write up on Governor Dean in this past Sunday's Washington Post Magazine. They give him a fair shake, but revisit all the incidents that have made his media exposure more about the style than the substance. All this doesn't matter. Howard Dean will be judged upon how the Democratic party does in the 2006 elections. And with that, I think he'll finally shut his detractors up.


andrea said...

Contrary to popular belief, we are mostly non-technical and very much non-web savvy as a group (at least this group is with just a couple of exceptions), so no one has tackled a blog on behalf of the group yet - plus there's no time to keep it up because we're so busy with campaigns. (Also, contrary to popular belief our average age has to be at least in the 40's). We use a yahoo discussion group to chat with each other and anyone is welcome to join. That's about all we have time to keep up on at this point and it's served us well as a form of communication.

No one has issues with anything you wrote and we thank you for spotlighting it!

Smmypie said...

My initial problem with the article was the use of an anonymous source from a democratic "insider." As I am sure we are all aware, anonymous sources are a slippery slope. I only wish that the author of the article and the editor of City Newspaper had fact-checked the figure before allowing the article to go to print.

Thanks for addressing the issue. I will return often.

Chris J. said...

As a member of DFA I was glad to see your write-up on the City Newspaper article. I had never visited your blog before, but I have a number of times in the last few days and plan to keep doing so.

As to why we don't have a blog, it doesn't really fit with the way we do business. We're about grassroots activism and supporting candidates we believe in out on the streets. The web, to us, is an organizing tool, its not where the real work gets done. There are plenty of blogs out there to discuss issues, our focus is taking action. The closest thing to a blog we have is our Yahoo group, as Andrea mentioned. It gives us a forum to talk about whatever we want and has served us well for over 2 years.