Monday, February 13, 2006

I am not Dead

I swear to God that I will be posting something in the next 24 hours. Life has been a little crazy lately. Midterm exams were last week and this week I expect to become a father, so.... you know, I've had to move some things around in my schedule.

I will now do the cheapest of all blog entries: Recapping other blogs' posts, linking to them, and somehow passing it all off as an entry that is worth your time. I do nothing but cover my own banality with the hard work and dedication of others.

The talented NYCO cracks wise concerning the Olympic's opening ceremonies and what they would look like were they to return to Lake Placid in this post.

Jesse at York Staters adds a little local flavor to things by writing about the grape pies of Ontario County generally and Naples specifically. I've got relations in Naples who own a vineyard. If you aren't up on the Naples Grapefest, or if you are still drinking foofy European wines, you need to check out the Finger Lakes Region. For the record, Heron Hill's Game Bird Red is the official red wine of The Greater Rochester Weblog. To really experience my writing, consume this wine liberally.

The Political Notebook
continues to report on the increasing fractures and faultlines within the New York GoP. In this article, the notion is raised that the current ebbing in the party could break the moderates' hold on the party and give rise to a much more conservative movement. I can see this happening as long as those conservatives had supporters that were at home sitting on their hands waiting to vote for conservative candidates.

And following hot on the heals of his appearance in Rochester (which wasn't too widely reported), Gubernatorial candidate Tom Suozzi (aka the guy primarying against Spitzer) gets a nod in the D&C editorial section today.

I'll be back with a real post later.