Monday, July 30, 2007

Brooks is Not Running Unopposed

While the Monroe County Democratic Party has made a very contentious decision not to run someone against County Executive Brooks in the Fall, that certainly doesn't mean there aren't viable alternatives to her.

Rochester Turning has a fantastic interview with Andrew Stainton which I encourage you all to go and check out. In everything I've heard about him, he's got a strong understanding of the economic issues that the Brooks administration and the Minarik Machine choose to ignore.

Check out the interview with Andrew Stainton right here.

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Jacob said...

If he's a viable candidate, then explain why he hasn't bothered to form an election committee yet?

Anonymous said...

Can you explain why whether he has done that by now determines his viability or not?

Anonymous said...

Just answer the Question -- are you really Slobodan Milosivich?

Nancy said...

I enjoyed the interview. Thanks for the URL!
Keep sharing!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News